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Hi! My name is Aaron Crawfis. I am a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft working on open-source, startup incubations, cybersecurity, and more. Check out this page to learn about some of my work and projects!

Areas of Interest

Topics and interests that fill my bookshelf and YouTube queue
  • Cyber Security

    For over two years I worked a Program Manager within Azure Core Security Services. During my time on the team I was able to interact with red teams, responders, detection teams, and analysts. To those diving into the space I highly recommend the Darknet Diaries podcast series.

  • Hackathons

    Back in 2013, after never touching an IDE before, I attended my first hackathon, learned basic iOS development skills, and walked away with 1st place for my app Beacon. Check out my projects below to read more about Beacon and my other hackathon projects.

  • Design

    Although I am by far an amateur, I enjoy building brands through design. Something as simple as an icon or logo can go a long way with anything from a coding project to a product you are launching. My [extremely limited] design skills help me design and build logos and brands for things I work on.

  • Hardware/Software Hacking

    Growing up I always loved taking a device and seeing what it could do, separate from what was in the instruction manual. From buying a Barnes & Noble Nook to flash CyanogenMod, to running custom roms on my phones I always loved seeing what else my devices could do.

  • Open Source

    Both in and outside of work I actively support multiple open-source communities and projects. Currently hepling maintain the Dapr docs repo over at github.com/dapr/docs.

  • Incubations

    Through my role on the Azure Incubations team I've worked with many early projects, including Dapr, Open Application Model, and SAME. I love getting projects up and running, and helping create user experiences around them.

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